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5 point star puzzles  width=

Five Pointed Star

The Betsy Ross puzzle game

This puzzle project demonstrates how to fold and cut a perfect five-pointed star out of a circle shape.

Print the circle on regular or light-weight paper. Cut out the circle, then fold the in half along the dotted line. Fold the half-circle into five equal parts along the dotted lines.

To cut out the star, start from the upper left point of the folded wedge and cut diagonally toward the middle or lower part of the opposite side.

This Betsy Ross puzzle is based upon a historic puzzle published in Project Gutenberg's Amusements in Mathematics.

Puzzles and Brain Teasers have educated and entertained children for centuries and continue to challenge and trigger interest with children. Many puzzles today are based upon puzzlers designed hundred of years years ago and upgraded to suit the times.

Puzzles help children develop their logical, analytical and reasoning or critical thinking skills and abilities.
5 point star puzzles

5 point star puzzles1200